Riding Lessons

We offer riding lessons for all ages.

In the lessons we focus on a range of skills, starting with basic riding skills in jumping, endurance riding ,mounted archery and so much more.


We believe strongly in not just teaching our riders to ride, but also to be responsible horsemen, for this reason, we will sometimes shorten our time on the horses for theory, and practical horse care and management lessons.

On days when the weather is less than ideal for riding, we groom and learn more about horses, tack, horse care and management.

We adapt the lessons to the needs of the riders and let the riders explore different disciplines.



At Die Perdelaas we are looking at a few disciplines this year namely: Endurance riding, Show Jumping and Mounted Archery, Cross Country, Western Riding and Vaulting. Together with these, we look at basic riding skills such as balance, seat, softness, trotting and cantering. Riders are not limited to one discipline and are encouraged to explore the various skills with us.